The advantages of Push To Talk compared to the walkie-talkie

The Push To Talk (PTT) over LTE is a system that allows you to use the phone as a walkie-talkie, with the touch of a button, then, the audio reaches all users connected to that channel.

What are the main advantages of PTT over LTE compared to a walkie-talkie?
Why who using walkie-talkie should switch to PTT over LTE?
The advantages of the Push and Talk over LTE are many, now we will discover some of them together.

Economic savings

To use the radio at company level, in addition to the purchase of walkie-talkie it is essential to proceed with the installation of repeaters.
In order to do so, it is necessary to have a license: the license is obtained by filling out several compulsory forms and paying the required fee.
To these costs must be added the costs of maintenance that, in many cases, can be around the thousands of euro.


In the case of the PTT over LTE, infrastructure installation is not necessary and no license is required: it is sufficient to have an Internet connection (data or wifi) and a specific application installed on the smartphone.

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, so you do not need to buy a device specifically for each worker, as you must do in the case of walkie-talkie.


Between the sending of the necessary papers to request the license, obtaining the authorization and installing the system, the times are extended.
In the case of Push To Talk over LTE, or better in the case of our Push To Talk system, simply sign the commercial offer received from our company and install the application on the smartphone: in a few hours you can already have a working system.

Unlimited coverage

As we said, to use walkie-talkie at the enterprise level, it is essential to install repeaters.
The repeaters to be installed are as many as the areas to be covered.
The repeaters, in fact, allow to connect two points that are too far from each other to be reached by the electromagnetic wave in an ideal way.
On the other hand, the Push To Talk over LTE is based on the Internet connection, so there are no limits of distance: you can talk to anyone, even if you are on the other side of the world; the radius is unlimited.

We now see the advantages due to the different features that a PTT over LTE provides.

Unlimited number of groups (channels)

In the case of Push To Talk over LTE, as many groups as desired can be created, without any numerical limit.

More privacy

The walkie-talkie’s speaker has a volume higher than of a telephone’s speaker, so conversations received can be heard by a higher number of people in the vicinity, thus reducing the level of information confidentiality.

Private conversations

A walkie-talkie allows you to select the channel in which you want to interact (listening and speaking) and ALL connected users can listen to EVERYTHING.
In the case of a Push To Talk over LTE, instead, it is possible to choose whether to make a group communication (on the channel) or a private communication with a single user (“1to1 call”).

No interference

A walkie-talkie could have interference problems, so there may be information leakage during communication, or other people may be receiving confidential communications.
Push To Talk over LTE is instead a closed system: each user only accesses the groups for which he has access permissions.

More evident information

Thanks to the display it is possible to know in real time how many users are online in each group and the name of the user who is talking: in this way users are not obliged to present themselves to make it clear who is transmitting.
Furthermore, in the Push To Talk over LTE, it is possible to give the group any name you want.
It can be indicated with a number or with an explanatory name of the group type (the name can indicate an area of a building site or a category of users): in this way it is not necessary for the user to remember which group of users corresponds to a certain channel.

For all these reasons, in the United States the Push To Talk system has been a significant success, thanks to an important telephone operator who has adopted it commercially.
Also in Italy, Push To Talk over LTE is having an ever greater response and the telephone operators want it to use within their own reality, and to offer it as a product to their customers.
Two of the biggest Italian operators have chosen our XPTT application.
One of these is Vodafone who decided to customize our Push To Talk system and to propose it among its Ready Busines solutions, in its “Vodafone Digital Marketplace” app store.

Now that you know all the advantages that the Push To Talk over LTE can offer you, what are you waiting for to do as companies that are on the piece and give an extra boost to your business?