The Push To Talk solution to manage your field workforce

XPTT - La piattaforma Push To Talk - geolocalizzazione e network

Effective communication with the workforce translates into a good business process management.

First-class communication can be obtained thanks to an excellent real-time transmission quality and a timely transfer of information.

XPTT makes a safe and intuitive system that meets these requirements.

XPTT is made up of a web control center that receives, sends and monitors communications to the field workforce.

The mobile application installed on your own or company-supplied smartphone allows users to connect with the control center.

Mobile Application

XPTT - La piattaforma Push To Talk - App Mobile

The XPTT application allows you to turn your smartphone into a PTT device and use it as an enhanced walkie-talkie: location tracking, text messaging, file, video and photo sharing capabilities provide a complete user experience.

XPTT - La Piattaforma Pus To Talk - Portale Web

Web Portal

The qualified personnel supervises and interacts with the workforce through an essential web portal.

The Web Portal requires no software download and can be accessed with Google Chrome on an Internet connection or dedicated network to connect with your mobile workforce.




  • Group call
  • Private call
  • Talker priority
  • Call history
  • Multi-Group Listening
  • Voice messages playback



  • Text messaging
  • File and photo sharing
  • Message read / delivered information
  • GPS and battery information
  • Chat and attachments archive



  • View user location
  • Location tracking
  • Simplified operations
  • Custom maps
  • Geofencing
  • Sensitive areas

Man Down

Man Down

  • Motion alarm
  • Tilt alarm
  • Manual alarm
  • Phone call and SMS
    to emergency contacts
  • Beacon integration
  • Alarm history


Time Tracking

  • View clock in and clock out times
  • User GPS location
  • Export data to PDF, CSV or Excel

Condivisione File

File sharing

  • Share large files with workers in the field (documents, checklists, new tasks and much more)



  • Take and share photos while you talk or are listening to communications
  • Geolocalized photos

Stream Video

Video streaming

  • Real-time video streaming
  • Geolocalized videos

XPTT - Deployment scenarios

Sicurezza Pubblica
Public Security
Edilizia, Impresa di pulizia
XPTT - Aeroporti
XPTT - Centrali elettriche
Power Plants
Vigilanza Privata
Private Security
Logistica e Consegne
Aereoporti, Attività portuali
Port Activities
Transportation and Logistics
XPTT - Consegna Delivery
Industrie del petrolio e del gas
Oil and Gas Industry
Eventi Sportivi
Sports Events