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Conference on Multimedia and Security - University Consortium of Pordenone

Convegno Multimedialità e Sicurezza - Consorzio Universitario di Pordenone - 23/01/2020

On January 23rd,  Alea S.r.l.® took part in the Conference on Multimedia and Security organized by the Police Headquarters of Pordenone and the University Consortium of Pordenone, in which Mr. Franco Gabrielli, Chief of Police and General Director of Public Security, was the guest of honor. The Eng. Giuseppe Merlino, CEO of Alea S.r.l.® intervened, as a speaker, on Mission Critical communications on 4G and 5G networks: the current communication networks must be updated in order to be used in all rescue, emergency situations or police needs.

The traditional “radio” used by the security forces, is based on digital PMR / TETRA technologies, with known limits. The new needs for this type of communication require new services compared to the simple voice communication. 
The augmented reality, facial recognition and machine learning services, that have been topics of the Conference on Multimedia and Security, are advanced services that must be available in the control rooms.
Operators in the control room during emergency management, for example, must have the guarantee and certainty that a video data stream arrives with a certain latency and quality in order to be used in real time for the identification of a subject.
The Eng. Merlino also highlighted what the advantages of 4G and 5G networks are: there is a bandwidth problem on current radio technologies: it is not possible to transfer videos in real time as well as large quantities of files.
In 5G, on the other hand, there is better performance, a very wide bandwidth for the services requested, and a reduction in cost which it makes it possible to use an existing network infrastructure and the same smartphones, that have become customary.
In addition, 4G and 5G networks have more adequate coverage.  The coverage of the mobile network is based on the covered territory, and if it absent, even in emergency situations, it is possible to deploy it in specific areas of the private LTE networks, to allow it to be extended and to take advantage of the same services for the same access tools.
Another fundamental point is the interoperability between emergency communication systems; to date, it is not possible that the police of two different countries can inter-operate with each other: the different armed forces have systems that very often are unable to interface one to the other. For all these reasons, the 3GPP consortium – which deals with the standardization of everything related to mobile communication – has issued the Mission Critical Push To Talk (MCPTT) standard worldwide. These indications provide for the use of 4G and 5G networks for Mission Critical communications and, in addition to what has already been described, it allows us to guarantee that public safety operators have a network priority, so that the services can be provided to them regardless of the network load present at that time on the local or national network, whether the different systems that comply with this standard are interoperable. 
The Chief of Police and General Director of Public Security, Mr. Franco Gabrielli – has taken up several points dealt with by the Eng. Merlino and stressed that “it is needed to have an overall vision because now security can be only achieved in an integrated manner and the subjects that contribute to security have to work in the same direction”.
The full conference is available from the YouTube channel of the University Consortium of Pordenone:
Comunicato Stampa: Convegno Multimedialità e Sicurezza
Alea S.r.l.® is an innovative Italian SME founded in 1995. It has an extensive experience in the creation of applications in the field of multimedia and telecommunications, home automation and entertainment, and is highly specialized in the development of smartphone applications for real-time communication. He has ten years’ experience in developing applications for Mission Critical communications with Talkway © products.
The commitment is constant and growing in the development of the 3GPP Mission Critical Push To Talk protocols with its presence at all the interoperability tests promoted over the years by the ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, confronting all competitors and partners worldwide.
From 2019 Alea S.r.l.® has announced its entry into TCCA, The Critical Communications Association, which brings together manufacturers of mission critical communication systems. Also in 2019, Alea S.r.l.® signed an agreement with Leonardo S.p.A. to accelerate development towards 5G with broadband communication solutions for the public safety and professional markets.

The Eng. Giuseppe Merlino has been CEO of Alea S.r.l.® since 2004 and a professor at the University of Pordenone in IT courses. He has led the company to collaborate with already important local companies in the consumer sector, as well as, to carry out activities in the professional market with telecommunications companies at national and international level.

The collaboration with the University of Pordenone and the ITS Kennedy allows the company to access the youngest resources in the area and actively place them in research and development roles, since the Internship courses to achieve then a permanent job.