Man Down solution for the stand-alone workers in difficulty

Applicazione Uomo a Terra - Lavoratore con Tablet

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person

— Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 3, 1948 —

Safety must be guaranteed also in the workplace, especially when it comes to lone workers, whose specific role exposes them to higher risk.

SafeControl is a Man Down solution that constantly monitors the safety status of the lone worker: thanks to easy-to-set alarm values, SafeControl detects changes in position and lack of movement, and sends a notification to the worker’s supervisor.


SafeControl - l'applicazione Uomo a Terra - uomo con smartphone

SafeControl is a widget app to be installed on the lone worker’s smartphone and has a Man Down service that continuously monitors movement as its main functionality. If no movements is detected and values are different than the ones previously set, the system initiates a call and sends an SMS to the supervisors.

Movement and tilt parameters can be easily set and, in case of imminent peril, the worker can voluntarily initiate SafeControl and ask for help.

SafeControl also regularly asks workers to confirm they’re safe through a notification.

SafeControl Premium

SafeControl - L'applicazione Uomo a Terra: il Portale Web - operai con il computer

SafeControl Premium includes a Web Portal that enables supervisors to receive information about the alarm from the Operations Center.

The Web Portal also provides the history of alarms, through which your organization can better understand how security in the workplace is implemented and if operating procedures are working.


Uomo a Terra

Three types of alerts

Automatic: no-movement and worker-down detection
 Manual alarm

SMS Message

Notify emergency contacts

automatically notify up to 5 contacts via SMS about alarm start and dismiss times.

Alarm Information

Alarm info

for every alarm, the following information is provided: date and time, type of alarm, location and GPS accuracy.

Phone Call

Phone call

Repeatedly call on loudspeaker up to 5 numbers previously added.



Regularly request workers
to check-in and confirm
they are safe.
In case of missed confirmation, the system notifies the supervisor via SMS.

Quick Access

Quick access

Quickly start and stop an alarm through the widget.



The Web Portal shows the location of all users on a map.

Storico Allarmi

Alarm history

The Web Portal provides a history log of all alarms.